The Tragic Tale of Pegi Young

It was the manner of his telling

Thirty-six years negated. Wiped out.

His case packed, the door slammed.

She took refuge in her song

Voice howling with anguish and rage

Burning the page.

She begs ‘Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?’

Another wounded heart in a sea of brokenness

Holding on for love, being silent for love,

Backing the band that is home,

Singing the songs in another’s show

Ignoring the signs hoping for best,

Her tears burning the page.

Reaching out, reaching across the heartbreak

We hear her, voice raw with emotion,

Raw in her tears, in her pain.

She begs him ‘Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?’

She is a survivor, she moves, she writes her words,

Smiles to the crowd. They come to listen, not to cry.

She is Everywoman. A backing singer in the song of life.

Backing the band, for thirty-six years

Burning the page with A Thousand Tears

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?

Married to Neil Young from 1978 – 2014 Pegi Young was shocked by the end of her thirty-six-year marriage. Neil Young, a famous and popular rock star with whom she had raised three children, had met and become entranced by Daryl Hannah, an equally well-known film actress. Pegi, a backing singer in in Neil’s band and a singer songwriter in her own right, had recorded five albums of her own.  Shaken by the unexpected end of her marriage, Pegi recorded ‘Raw’, her fifth and final album, in 2016 which chronicles her emotions during this period. 

‘Do I Ever Cross Your Mind’ and ‘A Thousand Tears’ are two titles from the album RAW By Pegi Young and the Survivors.        Pegi Young died of cancer, 1st January 2019 aged 66

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