A Normal Day

Funny how soon normal creeps up on us

and clears away the strangeness

with each sweep of the broom.

The sky looks the same as it did,

we walk, side by side, as we did.

And the death toll mounts

the police checks grow –

and we can measure metres without a rule

(though we did feet and inches when at school)

We learn to use Whatsapp and Skype,

just to see our families’ faces.

then we disinfect our phones, wipe away the traces.

We’re told to wash our hands for twenty secs

and obedience – unnatural – is what the world expects.

Strangers shop for strangers and an obedient population

applauds an institution on demand,

at a given time

Then we go back into our houses

close the doors, lockdown the doors

consider the unseen enemy, and,

once again, mop the floors

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