Looking Up Locking Down

When is a lockdown not a lockdown?

When is a pandemic running its course?

Looking up, I see beautiful days, sunshine and flowers,

Clouds nowhere to seen in clear blue sky

But the warm soft air is full of danger.

So too, we are told, is being less than two metres

From a stranger.

No pleasant smiles or Good Mornings –

We cross the road, step into stranger’s driveways

Anything to avoid closing the gap,

getting too close to a fellow human.

I am dehumanized. Unhappy at the fear people have

At the sight of me

And the fear my children and grandchildren have

At the thought of a visit, which once brought joy

With (now forbidden) hugs.

Not long now say the country’s masters

Soon we’ll unlock the lock

But will we ever again feel trust and ease

In our restored freedoms?

How strange to hug and smile a greeting

When its been so long since our last meeting.

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