March Begins

Funny how things in life just creep up on you, the way time flies for instance. We have now been in lockdown or tiers or living restricted lives for over a year. The coronavirus which has affected lives across the world now appears to be coming under control. Vaccinations are giving us hope. Social distancing, we are told by Matt Hancock, is on track to end in mid-June. I truly hope that will in fact happen, but a number of people have been so traumatized by the day by day reports from politicians, scientists and chief medical pundits all warning us of the dangers of poking our heads above the battlements and going outside, I fear it will be a lot longer than a few months before the populace relaxes!

However, February ended with some beautiful warm sunshine making Sunday the best day we have seen for ages. Coffee in the garden, washing on the line, made it feel Spring-like and happy. I wonder how many of us have taken up new hobbies now we have some time to please ourselves? What do you enjoy doing? Box sets can be a great way to spend an evening, with a glass of wine and some chocolate! Time now for me to get on with one of my hobbies – cooking! Tonight it’s a lamb curry with rice with a small leaf salad and red onions. A glass of delicious Rioja will round it off nicely!

Bye for Now, have a lovely evening xx

A Week to Remember

Feeling a bit stale and unfit I decided to go for a daily walk to hopefully improve on my fitness. Starting on Monday 15th I started out and walked briskly for 30mins and 8394 steps. I managed to increase the time spent walking through the week and today notched up 11571 steps. I do feel more fit, and am also sleeping better, I’m now aiming to keep it up until Easter!
The garden has been showing signs of Spring with daffs and crocus bravely pushing their way through the cold ground to put on a pretty show. But for me the main interest has been our little garden pond, which is now full of life with lots of frogs and frogspawn! The magpies have shown an interest in trying to eat the spawn but the parent frogs are forever jumping about and diving and generally making the magpies disappear.  See some photos below.
The latest lockdown announcement from Boris Johnson proposing some relaxing of rules is very welcome. I have had my first inoculation at the end of January and am due the second dose sometime in the next few weeks. The time can’t come soon enough when I can see my lovely family again. We are all getting our hopes up for a grand get together and a much anticipated catch-up!  Fingers crossed everybody that we will not be let down again!

St Valentines Day

What a week this has been full of lockdown inertia, telly and sleep. Freezing weather meant that rather than going out for a government approved walk (making sure not to stop for a neighbourly chat with anyone) I huddled in my pyjamas eating toast beside a nice warm fire. I am a fairly recent convert to Eastenders and was a bit put out when the week’s episodes were changed about so as to accommodate football. Still, I survived and even caught up with the missing (rearranged) episodes! I’m rather concerned that Ian has been missing for a few weeks having gone missing when he realised Sharon had been slowly poisoning him! As Tina is also missing, having been murdered and disposed of by Gray, and Mick is going bonkers as he uncovers his distant memory of being abused in a children’s home by his carer Katie, it’s looking pretty chancy that anyone in Walford will survive the lockdown.  So onto another soap opera starring Donald Trump. I have seen the Republican attack on The Capitol, heard the terrible threats towards the Senators, read the reports in the media and social media, the followed the Impeachment procedure to the last. Unbelievably Trump was pronounced NOT GUILTY of encouraging and directing the mobs on 6th January. Needing cheering up I then watched Line of Duty. Much better, and more believable!


Good Morning and Welcome!
It’s a brand new day, the sun is shining and it looks like we have a lovely Spring day in store. I am introducing my bright shiny new website which I hope you will visit and enjoy. In these pages you will find a regular blog, short stories (just right for a coffee time read!), original poetry and sometimes just thoughts for the day.
Your comments are always welcome – as are your tales of lockdown moments!

The lockdowns we’ve all experienced have brought many upsets, generally the lack of contact we are used to with our families and friends. However I have found that using Zoom, What’s App or Face Time for family meetings, arranged entertainments (or, of course, work!) can lessen the feelings of isolation. Seeing those familiar faces and sharing a smile and a chat really does help!
Daily exercise walks have been more enjoyable for the lack of traffic! Listening to the birdsong on a peaceful walk or when having coffee in the garden is a great pleasure, and something which has increased with the reduction in the volume of traffic. The quiet empty streets have also slowed life down, or so it seems, as we take up reading, gardening, knitting and board games to pass the time. Those of you who work from home may have a different view, as will those front line workers who help to keep the rest of us safe and the country working. Thank you every one.

Thank you for your time today and I look forward to getting to know you.


Welcome to my blog and website. Here you can catch up on my latest news and views, read samples of my poetry and short stories, and comment on them.

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